Holzmann combined operating machine K5 410VFP-2544

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planing infeed table length in mm 1800fence tilt 90-45°planer fence in mm 1100x150max.... more
Product information "Holzmann combined operating machine K5 410VFP-2544"
planing infeed table length in mm 1800fence tilt 90-45°planer fence in mm 1100x150max. thicknessing cutting depth in mm 5thicknessingcutting depth in mm 4table size in mm 700x406general planing cutter knives amount 4shaft speed in min-1 4500shaft diameter in mm 100milling and drillingmax. tool diameter above table 255mitre fence in mm 345x155table opening in mm Ø270max. tool diameter below table in mm 250milling spindle swivel 0-45°spindle stroke in mm 175milling spindle speed in min-1 3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000milling spindle diameter in mm 30cutting performancemax. cutting height 90° in mm 103max. trimming in mm 2200max. cutting height 45° in mm 72max. cutting width at parallel fence in mm 500/1000scoring unit motor power in W 750/1100circular sawssawblade in mm 315scoring sawblade in mm Ø120sawblade speed in min-1 4000scoring unit speed in min-1 8000drilling wood (optional)max. drilling depth in mm 200max. drilling width in mm 255workpiece measurementsmax. workpiece thickness in mm 225measurementssliding table in mm 2300x350suction port in mm 3x120table height in mm 850table stroke in mm 160motor datamotor power s1 in W 4000/5500/4000/4000motor power s6 in W 5600/7700/5400/5600feed speed 8voltage 400Vweightgross weight in kg 1.466net weight in kg 1.095 heavy duty industrial machine with grounded cast iron tables scoring unit powered by a separate motor max. chip removal/surface planer 5mm, thickness operation 4mm, planer fence 1100x155mm high quality, hardened precision steel bar guided sliding aluminium table (width 350mm) both hand wheels for saw blade height and tilting handy located at the front of the machine compact control panel convenient located in the front stable sliding table extension with angle adjustable ruler and two end stops (3500mm) extra large cutting capacity right of saw blade (1100mm) parallel fence with fine adjustment function precision bedded cutterblock allows perfect planning results solid and stepless tilting aluminium fence (45° - 90°) very powerful chain drive of feeding unit 6 different spindle shaper speeds with exchangeable spindle MT4 (optional 25-50mm) machine can be divided between planer and circular saw - spindle shaper special spindle shaper hood with integrated fence, dust collector plug diameter: 120mmincluded in delivery: exchangeable spindle MT4, scoring unit with separate motor, 3 stronger motors, planer knives installed, mortising unit, rip & mitre fence, trim shoe, integrated fence
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